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Development Review and Acceptance Policy

Limestone County Water & Sewer Authority

DESCRIPTION: Development Review and Acceptance Policy.
Policy No: 2008-01
Effective: January 24, 2008
Board Approved: January 24, 2008


This purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines to be followed for Board Acceptance of new
facilities, and establishment of formal Board Policy outlining procedures to be followed during the
acceptance process.


Board approval is required prior to any and all subdivision being accepted into the LCWSA system. Prior
to any such approval the Board shall be provided the following:
A. LCWSA Engineer-of-Record approval of “AS-CONSTRUCTED” plans submitted by the
developers engineer.
B. LCWSA Engineer-of-Record approval of Sewer System air and vacuum tests.
C. LCWSA Engineer-of-Record must have reviewed and approved submitted CCTVI.
D. LCWSA’s General Manager must attest that the actual construction methods adhere to
LCWSA’s specifications.

Effective immediately the following process will be followed during the review, inspection, and
acceptance process:

I. Final Design Review Meeting
1. Meet with Developer, Developer’s Engineer, Contractor, LCWSA’s Project Inspector, and
LCWSA’s Engineer of Record (or representative thereof) prior to beginning construction to
verify requirements for submittals and to establish a project schedule.
2. Contractor to submit all shop drawings for review.
3. Develop Project Schedule.
4. Pay all Impact Fees.
5. Establish that all interior roads will be constructed to subgrade prior to beginning construction
of utilities.

II. Pre-Construction Conference (to be conducted on-site)
1. LCWSA’s engineer of record, Contractor, and LCWSA’s project inspector must be present.
2. Confirm that roads are to subgrade. (Manhole stakes, as well as construction staking of
services will be in place)
3. Confirm that materials are on-site and conform to the shop drawing submittals, in accordance
with the specifications.
4. Notify LCWSA of Start of Utility Construction.
5. Update proposed Project Schedule.

III. Construction Administration/Inspection (To be conducted by LCWSA’s Project

1. Confirm that the materials used in actual construction are correct, per shop drawings and
2. Confirm that all sewer system is within the roadway and is backfilled with stone.
3. Confirm the alignment and configuration of the water and sewer.
4. Insure that there are no other utility conflicts.

IV. Post Construction (To be performed in this order)
1. Developer’s Engineer-of-Record will provide LCWSA Engineer-of-Record with “AsConstructed
Drawings” for review and approval.
2. Contractor will flush/clean all sanitary sewer lines and provide closed circuit television
investigation (by approved service provider). LCWSA’s Engineer-of-Record will be present
during the TVI process.
3. Copy of CCTVI will be provided to LCWSA Engineer-of-Record for review and approval.
4. Upon approval of these items by LCWSA Engineer-of-Record, the Contractor will verify air
test for sewer lines and pressure and leakage tests, as well as bacteriological sampling for
water lines in the presence of the Engineer-of-Record and Project Inspector.
5. Upon Contractor’s notification of completion of construction and placement of leveling course
binder, verify vacuum test for manholes and alignment of valve boxes for water lines in the
presence of the Engineer of Record and Project Inspector. (In cases involving the application
of only one layer of asphalt, the vacuum test and valve box alignment evaluation will be
conducted prior to applying asphalt layer.)
6. Upon approval of all tests and the CCTVI, and approval of “As-Constructed Drawings,”
LCWSA will submit such to the LCWSA’s Board of Directors for approval of Final Plat.
7. Upon approval of LCWSA’s Board of Directors the Final Plat will be signed and release water
meters and allow sewer taps.

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