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Limestone County Water & Sewer Authority is a water and sewer utility presently servicing over 28,000 customers in Limestone County and surrounding areas. Our Board and staff is committed to being a reliable and efficient provider of clean, potable water for our customers.

The History of the Limestone County Water and Sewer Authority

On April 25, 1980, in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 88 of Title 11, Code of Alabama, 1975, Limestone County Water Authority was awarded the Certificate of Incorporation, creating the initial Limestone County Water Authority with three directors, B. Turner, T. Smith, Jr. and I. Warren. On December 10, 1997, the Articles of Incorporation of the Limestone County Water Authority were amended to change the name to Limestone County Water & Sewer Authority. Numerous amendments to the original Article of Incorporation give a concise, legal description of the areas to be served with water and sewer services.

Prior to 1982, the independent systems of South Limestone, East Limestone, Fort Hampton, and North Limestone were under the direct management of the Limestone County Commission. In October 1982, the Commission turned over full authority for operations of all four systems to LCWSA.

System South Limestone East Limestone Fort Hampton North Limestone
Established 1965 1973 1976 1978
Initial Customer Base 250 600 900 900

The South Limestone Water and Fire Protection Authority, another independent system, was consolidated into LCW&SA on March 25, 1986. In May of 1998, we took over the water and sewer service for the Elkmont Rural Village.

The growth of the system has been phenomenal, as evidenced by the fact that as of July 1985 LCWSA was billing 4,200 customers and presently we are billing over 21,000 customers. Currently LCW&SA has over 1100 miles of water mains with approximately 2,000 fire hydrants. Wholesale water is sold to: East Lauderdale County; Elkmont; Minor Hill, Tennessee; and South Giles, Tennessee water systems.

We have added the following additional capacity:

Established Source Capacity
1987 Horton Spring .55 MGD
1988 Lawson Well 1.25 MGD
1992 North Limestone Treatment Facility 3 MGD
2001 Newby Well .5 MGD
2001 Turner Treatment Facility 4 MGD
Established Storage Facilities Capacity
1977 North Tank .5 MG
1987 New Cut Tank 1 MGD
1998 Burgreen Tank 2 MG
1991 Pettusville Tank .5 MG
1998 West Tank 1 MG
2000 South Tank 1 MG
2003 Pinedale Tank 1 MG
2006 Pepper Rd Tank 1 MG
Established Wastewater Facilities Capacity
2015 Elkmont Rural Village .01 MG
2001 Limestone County Schools various
2003 Bay Hill .020 MGD

Additionally, we purchase water from the City of Athens and the City of Decatur . Presently, the consumption of water provided by the Authority is 4,200 gallons per minute.

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